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Allow me to introduce myself,

Hi, and welcome to my website.
My name is Marion Sallaerts and ever since my childhood I was present on dog training sites. I got my first own dog on my 13th birthday, it was a pedigree German Shepherd.
I trained at the VDH with him for some years, and with that dog I gained my first certificates in IPO.

When I was 16 I made the switch to the KNPV (the Royal Dutch Police dog Society).
Pretty soon I got interested in the Belgian Malinois and after some dogs out of impure work lines I made the second important switch in my dog sport carrier, I bought a Belgian Malinois with Pedigree.
After training and competing with various purebred Malinois for 20 years I set myself a new challenge and a new goal: I wanted to study the pedigree Belgian Malinois and I committed myself into breeding Malinois such as I would want one for myself.
A completely stable dog which can compete in work and Police Dog sport at a high level. I wish to express my gratitude to my life partner Leon Caris and to fellow dog sporters for their commitment at trainings, trials and competitions for their part in making it all possible for me. I have to express my special gratitude to all decoys, trial judges and members of organizing clubs, aswell as the members of our own club. On my site you can find information about my kennel, my breeding stock and my sport achievements. I wish everyone a pleasant and educational stay on my site. For further information you can always contact me by mail. If you have interest in my dogs, contact me and you are welcome to visit my kennel or to see our dogs at work at a training or contest.
With kind regards, Marion Sallaerts